5 Things you can’t dispose of in a skip

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 27 February 2017

Thompson Fuels want you to know more about your waste. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with everyday items you may be throwing away that, in fact, can’t be disposed of in a skip. This article will explain the legal and practical issues as well as the health hazards that you could be causing without even realising!


Number 5 – Car Tyres

Car tyresGot a spare tyre that you just don’t know how to get rid of?  Well, you may have recently acquired a skip that’s big enough to accommodate it, but this isn’t the way to go!

Where you can go: some councils will dispose of them for you for a small fee. However, if your local council can’t dispose of them for you they will more than likely be able to point you in the right direction.

Tyre fitting companies and local garages could be your best bet. Again they will take them for a fee and it’s best to ring them in advance to ensure they do have a waste carrier’s licence so they can provide you with a quick and easy service.  

Don’t be caught out throwing inappropriate waste in a skip because many companies do not have the licence required for a safe disposal and in return your waste will not be accepted. This not only wastes time but causes hassle when retrieving the unwanted items.

Number 4 – Recyclable Goods

Take a second before launching your plastic bottles, old mobiles, tins and old clothes into a skip – these items can be recycled! Not only can recycling these materials help the environment, but in doing so you can also save room for other waste you intend to get rid of in your skip. Put them into plastic and metal recycling bins, send mobile phones to environmentally friendly companies and old clothes to charity shops.

Studies show that tin cans cause the most confusion but they are recyclable. They are separated into two groups: steel and aluminium. These are then reprocessed and brought back as a brand new tin.

This being said pots and pans must be taken to a recycling centre to ensure they get the right treatment. Unlike tins they will be broken down first and then reprocessed.



Number 3 – Fridges

Numerous people hire skips to offload huge items because they’re simply impossible to tie to or strap into a car. This however, does not mean skips can be used to dispose fridges as they contain harmful chemicals and gases that prove to be hazardous when disposed of incorrectly. Anyone found doing this could be prosecuted and fined up to £2,500 – which is something we’re sure you would want to avoid! Save the environment and go online to order a collection for a hassle-free removal.



Number 2 – Televisions

It seems everyone’s forever upgrading their TVs nowadays. As we’re now in the era of the 4Ks and flat screens old TVs are often found lying around or being disposed of. Save space in your home and take an old TV to your local household recycling centre today. Alternatively, why not selling it online and get some spare cash!


BatteriesNumber 1 – Batteries

Batteries are used for everything: TV remotes, computer mice, watches, lights… you get the point. You may or may not know that batteries are the most common item that’s thrown away incorrectly in a skip. These small items contain extremely harmful metals, including: cadmium, copper and lithium. When placed in an everyday bin these metals diffuse into the soil and can in turn cause harm to water supplies causing health hazards and various other issues.



We’re here to help you!

Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire hope that this article has helped you to understand the reasons as to why not everything can be thrown into a skip. With this information, we hope you won’t be caught out with a large fine and that you’ll also be proactive with caring about the environment around you. If you wish to get in touch please don’t hesitate to contact a professional; there’s always a team member ready to help.

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