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The difference between Domestic Skips and Commercial Skips

Are you planning a project but aren’t sure what type of skip to hire? With a range of skip sizes available, sometimes it can be hard to judge what’s best for your situation. Whether you’re a homeowner clearing out or refurbishing your home, or a commercial client undergoing a refit, having a skip on hand is a convenient way to store the produced waste, with the added bonus of it...

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When were skips first used?

Skips can be incredibly helpful for disposing of household and commercial waste. Due to their sheer usefulness, you might assume that they have been around forever. However, this isn’t the case, with the first skip only being invented in 1922. Surprisingly, people have only been using skips for around a century to get rid of rubbish. Read on to find out more about when were skips first used and how...

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Why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip [Infographic]

If you want to get rid of large amounts of waste, you may be torn between hiring a skip and heading to your local tip. Taking a trip the tip can seem like the most cost-effective option, however, skip hire is usually a better choice. Read on to find out why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip.  The benefits of skip hire in Doncaster  There are...

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What can I put into a skip?

Are you wondering “What can I put into a skip?” If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many people aren’t sure what they can and can’t put into skips, particularly if it’s their first time using one. At Thompson Skips and Fuels, we’ve created a guide to help make it clear which items are permitted in skips. Items you can put in skips Our skips in Doncaster are suitable for most...

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Skip

When looking for domestic skips in Doncaster what are the questions to ask before hiring a skip, there is a lot that goes into the research process. There are plenty of questions that you have to ask yourself before you can actually get one delivered. As well as planning what will go inside it if that’s allowed, and how long you are going to need it for. It can feel...

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Choosing the right skip size

When it comes to hiring a skip, there are several factors to consider. One of these is choosing the right skip size for your project. Thomson Skip Hire supply skips in a range of sizes, making sure we can meet the unique needs of your project. Whatever the quantity and type of waste you need to dispose of, you can rest assured that we have the right skip for your...

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What Is WEEE Recycling and How Can I Get Involved?

When it comes to recycling, there’s a wealth of guidance and resources readily available to help the UK get bin smart. One specialist part of the waste disposal process, and a term that can often cause confusion, is WEEE recycling; what it encompasses, why it's needed and what the directive achieves. That’s why this month Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire are here to explain all-things WEEE, and encourage the safe...

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The Benefits of Solid Fuel Heating Systems for Cheaper Energy Bills

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to turn the heating systems back on and wave goodbye to the hot summer evenings. For many homeowners, the drop in temperature can cause concern; a house to heat means energy bills to pay. So whether your boiler’s packed in or you’re simply looking to upgrade your central heating system, both price and efficiency are key factors you’ll want to consider before...

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