The Dos and Don’ts of Recycling

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 31 May 2017

This month at Thompson Fuel and Skip Hire, we will be discussing the dos and don’ts when recycling. Although it’s good to recycle, there are some things that are still unable to undergo this process. It can be just as harmful to throw any old thing into the recycling as it is not to recycle at all.


Recycling “dos”


  • Appropriately divide plastics that can be recycled from those that can’t.
  • Check your local area – in case you have to separate different materials into coloured boxes. Some areas will want you to group plastics, cardboard and glass for example. The council will provide you with the appropriate recycling boxes for the area.
  • Recycle bags separately – they require a different process to other recyclable items. You can find recycling stations around your local supermarkets – save up your bags and take them altogether.
  • Remove grease and oil – if you have had a takeaway in a box then you should rip up the greasy bits and put them in the bin, and only recycle the clean parts.
  • Recycle your eWaste – by sending over your old mobile phones, laptops and TVs you can gain money, whilst also saving the environment.
  • Recycle junk mail – we all get those annoying letters from time to time, but don’t throw them in the bin in haste, drop them into the recycling.
  • Try to reuse items that are not recyclable – instead of throwing out a water bottle, reuse it. Reduce the waste and save yourself money too by filling up the bottle on the move.


Recycling “don’ts”


  • Place recycling in a plastic bag – this can clog the recycling plant. You could use a cardboard box to collect your recycling and put it in altogether instead of using bags to transfer your bits and bobs.
  • Recycle food – food is for the compost, not for a recycling plant. You should rinse the residue off cans and food packaging before placing it in the recycling.
  • Put non-recyclable items in recycling – by mindlessly trying to recycle things that can’t be recycled, you waste time and money through the manpower that it takes for workers to separate the masses of waste from the recyclables.
  • Recycle toxic waste – items such as paint cans, aerosols, bleach containers etc, should all be sent to hazardous waste disposal units.
  • Put garden waste in the recycling – use your own garden waste bins.


If you’re looking for somewhere to take your recycling, come to Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire. We cover Armthorpe, Bessacarr, Doncaster and Rossington to provide the local people with a reliable waste management service run by waste disposal experts. Our aim is to always look after the environment as best we can, which is why we recycle as much waste as possible. If you would like more information, or would like book our services, give us a call today!



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