How to get the most out of hiring a skip

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 31 August 2017

When hiring out a skip, it’s not always easy to know what size to go for and how much rubbish will be accumulated over time. However, our experts here at Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire have put together a simple guide to help our customers get the most out of hiring a skip. For simple ways to maximise the space in your skip, simply read below!


Book the skip that’s right for you

The first common mistake is either overestimating or underestimating the size of skip you’ll require. Your first lesson is to always play it safe by hiring one slightly bigger than what you think you’ll need, this will avoid the hassle of having to hire another skip due to misjudgement. A marginally bigger skip will give you the flexibility to simply add more, rather than having to take extra unexpected trips to and from the local tip, all to complete your disposal needs.

You can follow our previous guide that explains the difference between domestic and commercial skips, to get an idea of how much a typical skip will hold. For example, 1 cubic yard skip can hold around 10 bin bags whereas a 12 yard skip can hold up to 120 bin bags – just for an idea of capacity in terms that are easier to picture. Your alternative option, is to call a friendly expert who can help guide you through your skip choices.


Leave the heavy stuff last

When you start to fill your skip with rubbish, put the lightweight/smaller items in first and then place the bulkier items on top to help compress the rubbish underneath and, thus, use the space inside the skip wisely.


Break down large items

Before attempting to throw large items into a skip, you should break them down – this way you can make your skip more space efficient. Take your dressers and cupboards for example, break them down first and pile them neatly to avoid taking up unnecessary space. This will help you to make the most of your hired skip and will allow you to complete your project without any fuss.


Don’t overflow your skip

Many skip companies are met with overflowing skips, and this is not only dangerous to remove from homes and businesses but also means that the individual renting the skip will have to remove the extra waste that has been piled high. This can be time consuming and can cost you more than expected because of the “overload fee” and your driver is likely to refuse the skip until all excess is removed.


Segregate your rubbish

Toxic waste is not to be placed in a skip, although you may think a skip is there to take all of your rubbish away, you must dispose of all toxic items such as: batteries, bleach bottles, fluorescent tubes, car tyres and fridges at recycling plants that specialise in handling toxic waste materials.


If you’re ever in need of waste management or skip hire advice, call our expert team here at Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire. We have a wealth of experience and provide a whole range of services including: domestic and commercial skip hire, waste management, recycling, hardcore and rubble, topsoil and solid fuel services. Our services include fast delivery and collection and a friendly reliable service that you can count on. To book our services, please get in touch today.

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