The Process of Hiring a Skip

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 29 June 2018

It can be daunting knowing what to do when you haven’t done something before and here at Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire, we’re well aware that hiring a skip isn’t something that you tend to do on a regular basis. So with this in mind, our team of friendly experts have put together a quick step-by-step guide for you to follow, so you know how the process works.


The process

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  • Contact your local skip hire via contact form or phone
    Start by contacting your chosen skip hire company; they will be able to offer you advice and schedule in the services you require. Whether you get in touch via telephone or by using an online form, your local skip hire can find a time and a date that best suits you. 


  • Find the right size
    When you contact your local skip hire company, they will ask you what size skip you require. If you’re not too sure what size is appropriate for your project, simply ask! Generally 2-8 yard skips are ideal for domestic purposes, ideal for home DIY projects, tree cuttings and general garden projects. Whereas 10-30 yard skips are generally for commercial projects that include landscape waste and building projects.


  • Do you need a permit?
    We obtain the permits for our customers and contact the council on your behalf. We also provide all cones and lights so you do not have to do anything.

Skip delivery

  • Have your skip delivered
    When you skip is delivered, you will want to place it on flat, reinforced land that will be able to take the weight of a large skip and its contents. If you have a decorative driveway, we recommend you place the skip on the road and pay for a permit, rather than taking the risk of damaging your driveway – otherwise you will have to sign a disclaimer acknowledging the risk. Our drivers will always advise you on the best option.  



  • What to put into your skip
    You can fill your skip full of: wood, gardening waste, soil, rubble, plastic, metal, furniture, cardboard and bricks. However, you can’t fill your skip with: batteries, fluorescent tubes, asbestos, plasterboard, medical waste, gas cylinders, tyres, paints, fuel or solvents.

  • Returning your skip
    If you have already arranged a collection date, that’s great, however if you were unsure of the completion date of your project and left it with the company that you would contact them when your skip needs collecting – simply ring them for collection. Most skip hire companies will try to pick up the skip as soon as they can.


  • Your collected skip waste
    Once your full skip has been collected, it will then be sorted to piles of recycling and landfill. Most companies today will ensure that at least 90% of each skip goes into recycling to reduce the sheer amount of rubbish going into landfill.



Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire offer a number of first-rate services including skip hire, recycling, hardcore, topsoil and solid fuel in and around Doncaster. If you’re local give our friendly team a call today and let’s see what we can do for you!



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