The Benefits of Solid Fuel Heating Systems for Cheaper Energy Bills

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 28 October 2019

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to turn the heating systems back on and wave goodbye to the hot summer evenings. For many homeowners, the drop in temperature can cause concern; a house to heat means energy bills to pay. So whether your boiler’s packed in or you’re simply looking to upgrade your central heating system, both price and efficiency are key factors you’ll want to consider before you invest. That’s why this month, Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire are here with some money-saving tips, shedding light on why you should be looking towards solid fuel heating systems – the cost-effective way to keep warm this winter.


The rising cost of gas and electricity

Heating your hot water system through a water back boiler in your stove really does come at a fraction of the price when compared with costly liquefied gas or electric alternatives. Although the price of coal and other solid fuels has risen over the past few decades, the percentage increase is minimal compared to the spike in gas and electricity prices. What’s more, gas, electric or oil boilers themselves often come with an extremely hefty price tag, with electric also being more expensive to run. 


Affordable solid fuel sources

It’s worth checking in with neighbours or friends who live nearby before you place an order, as buying fuels in bulk can earn you an impressive discount (plus the peace of mind that those around you are warm and safe in the cold, too!). Solid fuels themselves are cheaper than liquid fuels, which means you can afford to invest in quality products to ensure your systems run smoothly. Be sure to do your research and shop around; you’ll find that fuel prices will vary from supplier to supplier, so you’ll want to find a reputable producer who you can trust, such as Thompson Fuel & Skip.

Economic eco-options

One common concern is whether solid fuels are friendly for the environment, but worry not, you can remain both eco-friendly and economical when it comes to solid fuels. Wooden solid fuels such as eco-logs are described as being CO2 neutral – the consumption of the fuel product removes as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it puts into it. 

What’s more, when buying renewable energy boiler technology, you may be eligible for the RHI scheme (The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive), which offers financial support to homeowners who opt for renewable heating technology! Other green options include smokeless coal and fuels, which again come at a cheaper price than both gas and electricity.

Increase the overall value of your home

Adding a new, efficient heating system to your home is a proven way to add to its market price. There’s no denying that this installation comes with a fee, but rest assured you’ll have covered that cost and increased your property’s value in no time. Solid fuel heating systems have low running costs once they’re in action, and not only will your home stay warm 24 hours a day, but the amount of condensation and mould within your building is greatly reduced. Whether you choose a multi-fuel or wood-burning stove, you’ll be adding both value and desirability to your property, so sit back and stay cosy this winter.




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