What Do Skip Companies Do with Your Waste?

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 3 December 2018

A common misconception is that all the waste you put in a skip will be hauled off and dumped in the ground to rot for an eternity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, great efforts are made by our team to ensure the exact opposite. We operate a thorough process using extensive man and machine power to turn all the waste that enters our skip into materials that can be reused for manufacturing purposes. In this article we’re going to guide you through this process and highlight all the steps we take to keep our planet free from waste.


Once you’ve finished with your skip hire, we will travel to you and remove the skip from your premises. The skip will be hauled away by one of our specialist vehicles and transferred to our waste transfer station. Here, your waste will be sent through various stages in an attempt to sort it into separate waste types.

Picking out by sight

The very first process will be a simple ‘look and remove’ process, in which our workers will identify any particularly large pieces of waste, such as kitchen appliances for example, and manually remove them from the rest of the items.


Various machines are used next to separate the waste. The first is a trommel. This is a cylindrical mesh screen which works similarly to your typical kitchen sieve; it filters the waste by size by allowing small pieces to fall through. We also incorporate ‘blowers’. These separate waste by weight. The blowers will quite literally blow the waste, thrusting the lighter waste to a seperate area and thereby separating it from the remaining heavier waste. We also use magnets to pick out ferrous metals.

Sent to recycling companies

Once the waste has been separated and sorted into separate types, much of it can be sent to specialist facilities of external companies to undergo a further recycling process. Metals, for example, will be sent to scrap yards where they will go through further machinery and filters to be broken down into their core parts. Once the waste (or what was previously waste) has been stripped down and sorted into its fundamental materials, these can then be sold to manufacturers to reuse in products once again — starting the whole cycle once more. This process allows us to keep reusing materials over and over and therefore reduce the amount of waste that reaches landfill.

Thompson Skip & Fuel Hire are passionate about helping the environment. We follow the strictest guidelines to  ensure we recycle as much of your waste as possible. Hiring a skip from us is not just a means of getting rid of your unneeded waste, it’s providing the materials to create future products from. To learn more about our recycling services, or to enquire about hiring any of our various sized skips, give our friendly team a call today.

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