Why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip [Infographic]

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 11 November 2021

If you want to get rid of large amounts of waste, you may be torn between hiring a skip and heading to your local tip. Taking a trip the tip can seem like the most cost-effective option, however, skip hire is usually a better choice. Read on to find out why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip. 

The benefits of skip hire in Doncaster 

Why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip [Infographic]

There are so many benefits to choosing skip hire instead of visiting your local tip. Not only is it much more convenient since you won’t even need to leave your home or business premises to dispose of the rubbish, but it can also save you time and money. Keep reading to find out more. 


When it comes to convenience, skip hire wins hands down. Heading to the tip multiple times to dispose of lots of waste can be very laborious as well as time-consuming. When you hire a skip, you can get rid of it without even leaving your property. The skip can be placed right outside of your home or business and you can begin filling it with rubbish as soon as you’re ready.

No damage to your vehicle’s interiors 

When you hire a skip, you can avoid causing damage to your vehicle. Transporting rubbish can be a messy business and you can expect it to leave its mark on your car’s interiors. For example, dust and dirt can easily damage the upholstery, whilst garden waste like grass cuttings can cause stains that can be difficult to remove. If you’re taking metal to the tip, you risk tears and holes being made in your seats. Bad smells can linger in your car too, often long after the waste has been removed. 

Since hiring a skip means you won’t need to transport rubbish in your vehicle, you can avoid damage occurring as a result. You can let your skip hire company do the messy work whilst your car stays safe in your garage.

Less time-consuming 

Making several trips to the local tip can be incredibly time-consuming. As well as spending time loading rubbish into your vehicle, you also need to ensure you separate it into difficult piles so that you can put them into the correct containers. The process can take much longer than you imagine. When you hire our skips in Doncaster, we’ll do all the sorting for you. We will separate the waste ourselves, ensuring that it is processed correctly. We aim to recycle as many items as possible, ensuring that they can be reused instead of ending up in a landfill.

No waiting in line at the tip

Hiring a skip also means you can avoid waiting in line for ages at your local tip. Tips are busy places, especially at the weekends, and so you can expect to have to wait your turn to dispose of your rubbish. You’ll need to book a slot at some tips. Whilst booking a slot means you won’t need to wait too long, it does mean that you can’t get rid of your waste at short notice. 

You’ll need to arrange your visit to the tip in advance, which can be frustrating if you have unexpected rubbish to dispose of. When you hire our commercial or domestic skips in Doncaster, we can deliver them at short notice. We can often provide a same or next day service. 

Dispose of most types of waste 

You can throw all kinds of rubbish into skips. This includes household waste such as paper and cardboard, plastic and polystyrene, wood, tiles, plastic and garden waste. Commercial waste such as bricks, metal, concrete, and rubble is also acceptable. As you can see, most rubbish can be placed into skips in Doncaster. 

So, whether you’re clearing out your attic, renovating your bathroom, or demolishing a house, there’s a good chance that a skip can meet your waste disposal needs. A few items can’t be disposed of in skips. These include asbestos, paint, medical waste, fuel, tyres, and large electrical appliances. This is because these items are harmful to the environment. At Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire, we can offer you expert advice on how to dispose of these prohibited items safely. 


When considering why hiring a skip is better than going to the tip, consider the cost. Heading to your nearest tip can seem tempting if you want to save money. However, skip hire can sometimes turn out to be the most cost-effective option. Although you have to pay to hire a skip, you won’t need to spend money on fuel to get you to the tip. 

You also won’t need to waste valuable time sorting, loading, and transporting the rubbish. In the case of commercial waste disposal, you may need to take time out of your working day to go to the tip. This downtime can cost you money through lost income and could even cause delays to your project. At Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire, we’re renowned for our competitive prices. We provide a value for money service, ensuring that our skip hire services are accessible for people on all budgets.

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