What Can’t You Put in a Skip?

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 30 November 2017

You may be hesitant to hire a skip because you’ve heard many things concerning what you can and can’t put into one, but do not fear – it’s actually really simple. This is why Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire have put together a guide, to help explain and point out those items that can’t be thrown into a skip. Know how to hire and use a skip with confidence by reading on.

Surely all waste can go into a skip?

Skips are used to ease the pressure off fitting waste into your weekly rubbish bin, which can be a difficult task, especially when you’ve been working on a home DIY project, extension or large spring clean. So when you hire a skip, it’s important to stick to the guidelines to maximise the space and to prevent any fines for incorrect disposal of hazardous waste or overfilling. The reason some things can’t go into a skip is because they are either harmful to the environment or have a better use when recycled, rather than just going straight into landfill.

Things you must not place into a skip

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Electrical equipment
  • Fuel, solvents or paints
  • Gas cylinders
  • Medical waste
  • Plasterboard
  • Tyres

Asbestos – it is illegal to place this into a skip. It is a harmful material that can cause illnesses to anyone who breathes in its fibres. Asbestos must be removed by professionals, so you should call your local council to get this sorted.

Batteries – whether it’s your remote control batteries or car battery, they must not be thrown into a skip. Batteries contain many poisonous chemicals that must be treated properly.

Electrical equipment – whether it’s your hair dryer, fridge freezer or old television, all electronics must be taken to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment facility (WEEE).

Fuel, solvents or paints – do not get rid of any of these things in a skip. These again, have harmful chemicals that can only be disposed of by licensed waste plants. If they go into landfill, there’s a high chance that they will pollute the soil and find their way into important water systems.

Gas cylinders – it doesn’t matter whether they’re full or empty, you can’t put these into a skip. They have the potential to be dangerous, so it’s important to take them to a plant that collects gas cylinders and recycles them.

Medical waste – anything medical, from needles to bandages can cause infection and contaminate everything it comes into contact with. Medical waste must undergo the appropriate stages to prevent anything from spreading.

Plasterboards – can only be placed into a skip if it is the only material inside. Plasterboards cannot be mixed with any other material because it makes it impossible to recycle.

Tyres – it is illegal to carelessly dispose of a tyre, as they must be taken to a recycling plant that deals with them specially.

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