Topsoil Myths and Misunderstandings

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 21 December 2017

This month we will be reflecting on the most common topsoil misconceptions, so we can set the facts straight to ensure our customers get the very best from their topsoil.


Myth: “All topsoil is the same”


False. Topsoil comes in a variety of forms including premium, general purpose and economy. These three different types are best suited to certain jobs in particular. Premium is used for creating fresh flower beds, to sculpt borders and for potting. General-purpose is used to enhance lawns for when you’re reseeding and economy is used to fill holes and to level the ground. There are different types of topsoil because they vary in quality and nutrient levels.


Myth: “Garden soil can be used for a flower bed”


False. If you want your flowers to grow, you will need a rich, quality soil that’ll pack in the water and nutrients needed for them to flourish. Garden soil can have the wrong consistency, either too much sand or heavy clay can be fatal to the flowers that you have planted. Sand is poor at holding in the nutrients a flower needs to grow and clay is too thick for water to drain through properly, which could mean your plants will be sat in puddles of water – this can cause them to wilt and die.


Myth: “Topsoil means you don’t need fertiliser”


False. Although topsoil is a great concoction that combines all the ideal parts needed to make for a healthy, nourishing base, you will still require fertiliser, especially if you have ordered a large amount of topsoil. When you purchase topsoil in bulk it is generally unfertilised; this may not be the case with small bags but this still doesn’t mean that you will not require any extra fertiliser. It’s important to test the soil you already have in your garden, so you know what it’s lacking before you add the new topsoil. If your topsoil contains nutrients that the existing soil is missing, you need not add fertiliser but if it doesn’t, fertiliser will need to be applied.


Myth: “It doesn’t contain weeds”


False. As we have previously mentioned, topsoil comes in a range of classes and as you can probably imagine premium – the most expensive class – is the finest topsoil you can purchase. Premium soil is filtered to remove any weeds to make for first-class organic matter. However, this isn’t the case for general-purpose and economy topsoil, they’re either partially screened or not at all because it’s not important for the jobs that they will be used for.


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