Why Should I Hire a Skip?

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 31 January 2018

If the new year has brought with it the desire to finally get rid of any unsightly waste at your home or construction site, skip hire is a great way of doing so. If you’ve never really thought about how a skip might benefit you, our thoughts below might help you decide.


Environmentally friendly

Using a skip ensures that all of your waste can be disposed of in one go, saving you fuel costs, as well as being better for the environment. Not only this, but the site at Thompson’s is fully accredited by the Environment Agency, meaning you can rest assured that your waste is being dealt with in a sustainable way.

All the materials we receive are recycled wherever possible – such as turning wooden waste into fuel. Most items can be recycled in some way, but anything that can’t is always disposed of in the most responsible way.


Makes working areas safer

A skip can be a great organisational tool in providing a central disposal spot for all waste, promoting a safer environment on site. If your home site is undergoing any construction work, or you’re finally getting round to those DIY projects, keeping it all in one space means there will be less risk of falls or other accidents – particularly if you have young children or pets.

If you’ve just completed a construction project on your property, updated the garden, or had a big clear out, a skip can be a hassle-free way for disposing of any necessary waste, no matter how messy or sharp it might be. Hiring a skip is a quick and easy way to dispose of any bulky items too, which might also damage your car if you were to transport it yourself.


Saves money

Seeing as you’ll save yourself the petrol costs going back and forth between your site and the tip, hiring a skip can be a great option on a budget. Similarly, there is no need to hire a van, the insurance for which can be very expensive, or drive backwards and forwards with items in your car.

Your skip solution can be placed in a discreet and unobtrusive place at your home or job site, then picked up again when it’s full, as and when it suits you.


More time to focus on other things

Whether it’s time to re-do the garden, paint the guest room, or finally put those shelves up, simply hiring a skip will save you time that could be spent on the more enjoyable (or at least productive!) uses of your weekend.

This means you can finally complete those DIY tasks you’ve been meaning to do for a while or spend some more time with family or friends, instead of having to take what is an unnecessary drive out to the tip.

Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire provides a full range of skip sizes to suit every budget and location. From 4 yard skips (to fit about 40 bin bags), up to 30 yard skips (about 300 bin bags), you’ll be sure to find a skip solution to suit your needs.


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