Skip sizes and their uses

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 28 September 2016

Skip hire has become an essential entry on everyone’s to-do list when they are about to launch a new project in their home or business. Skips have become a key fixture of many building and landscaping ventures, and are used from large scale demolitions to small home DIY jobs. Because they are used for a wide range of purposes and store a variety of different materials, it’s important to choose the appropriate skip size for your project. Too big, and you could be overspending on excess space you never use. Too small, and you may be forced to spend more to hire a second skip, bumping up the price of your project. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this essential guide to skip sizes and their uses.

Things to consider before you pick up the phone

The first thing to consider is what sort of materials will be going inside your skip. If you need to dispose of bulky materials that are difficult to compress, you may need a bigger size to accommodate the hefty shape and volume. Also, remember that certain materials or substances are disallowed from disposal in skips, such as certain hazardous materials, so check the local rules first.

What skip sizes are available?

Many, is the simple answer. All companies will have a range of different sizes available to you, and may also be able to advise you as to what size may be most fitting for your needs.

Skips are measured in yards, and follow this general scale;

1 yard = Roughly 10 bin bags.

Mini-skips (2-4 yards): Useful for mini clear-outs or clean-ups, small refitting or garden landscaping jobs, or for personal DIY projects. Roughly 5 foot in length and 3 foot in height, these mini-skips have the added benefit of being so petite that they can easily fit onto the grounds of your property, saving you the hassle of applying for a skip permit.

Midi-Skips (6-8 yards): Ideal for slightly larger building projects, such as small extensions and renovations, and also small to medium-sized garden and landscaping projects. They could also be suitable for occasions such as moving house, when you need to get rid of a lot of household waste in a short space of time.

Maxi-skips (8-16 yards): Also known as builders’ skips, these sizes are ideal for when you have professional contractors in your home who are doing large scale new builds, extensions, renovations, and extensive landscaping projects. If you have a larger home with more waste, these skips may also be useful for moving home. These skips sizes may also be getting into the realms of suitability for some industrial and commercial projects too.

Large skips (20 – 30 yards): Sometimes reaching 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 feet tall, these colossal skips are mainly used for large building demolitions, commercial and industrial premises move-outs and building projects, or completely new property constructions. They may also carry the name ‘roll-on, roll-off’ skips.


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