I’m moving house; should I hire a skip?

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 3 August 2016

Moving house is renowned for being a highly stressful, organisational nightmare. It’s also a time when people realise just how much clutter they have in their home. After living in one place for several years, unwanted items are bound to accumulate – who knows what will emerge when you finally clear out the understairs cupboard, or the box under the bed. And once you start trying to throw things away, you’ll soon realise that the piles of junk your house is producing will not all fit in the outside bin.

It’s at this point you might be asking yourself; should I hire a skip? Here are a few reasons why the answer should be yes.


Skips are a big time saver

When packing up your belongings ready to move, it can take time to sort the junk items from the to-keep items. It takes even more time to carry out numerous, frantic trips to the tip to dispose of the accumulating waste, and then to work out what areas of the tip will accept which materials. This is an exhausting undertaking when you’re in the middle of a move. Hiring a skip is a far more convenient option, allowing you to relax while someone else takes your waste away, saving you time and petrol money.


Skips encourage a clear-out

Having to make several expeditions to the tip might deter you from discarding unwanted belongings. However, if there is a skip literally on your doorstep, you are more likely to be encouraged to throw away unneeded items and commence that much-needed clear-out. This means that there will be less clutter to transport to your new home, giving your new home more room to breathe and giving more meaning to the phrase “a fresh start”.


Skip make the process cheaper

Taking the opportunity to hire a skip can make moving costs cheaper. Throwing away piles of unused objects and furniture can make the load much lighter for your removal company, meaning that you may be able to hire a smaller removal team and vehicle.


Skips offer a greener option

These days, many skip companies endeavour to recycle a high percentage of the waste disposed of in their skips, allowing you to have a clear conscience when disposing of your waste.


Your skip hire checklist

There are just a couple more things you should consider before hiring your skip:

  • Planning is important. Although it’s difficult to guess how much junk your house will produce, try and make a rough estimate. Try and judge what size of skip you might require; it’s always better to over-estimate and get a bigger skip, avoiding having to hire an additional skip.
  • Decide whether to place the skip on your property or on a public road. If you choose the latter, a permit will be required which your skip hire company will apply for on your behalf.
  • Get organised. Skips that require permits can only be stationed for a certain amount of time, so have an idea how how long you will require it for. Check the rules with your skip hire company.


Getting ready for move-out day? Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire are an experienced skip hire and waste disposal company who have an Environment Agency licensed site located in the Doncaster area. We offer an efficient service and aim to recycle as much of your skip waste as possible. Give us a call today to discuss your individual requirements.

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