Things you need to know about hiring a skip in Doncaster

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Posted by Keith Hirst on 19 July 2016

When making improvements to your home or business, the amount of waste produced from the project can often be too much for a rubbish bin to handle. In these cases, it’s time to seek the services of a skip hire company, who will advise you on your individual requirements, in addition to safely storing and removing the waste from your property. But take note; there are a few legal steps you need to take before you begin your project.

Check out our guide to essential things you need to know about hiring a skip in Doncaster.    

Where can I put my skip?

It’s fine to position a skip on your own property. As long as you are certain that you own the land, then no permit is needed. However, be aware that if you’re planning to fill your skip with heavy materials, the weight might possibly damage your driveway. If putting your skip on your own property is not suitable for you, you will need to place it on a public road or pavement.

In this case, your skip hire company will need to apply to your local council for a skip licence/permit. In particularly dense areas of cities, there may be no room to put a skip. In this case, consult with your skip hire company who may have other options available for you.


How do I apply for a skip permit?

Skip permits are only granted to skip hire companies, so they will need to apply to the local council on your behalf.  Permits are usually processed between 3-5 working days. In the Doncaster area, there is a £15 charge for each permit, though often skip hire companies will also add a small admin fee onto this amount. Each permit will last between 6-14 days, after which the permit will need to be extended, or a new purchased. Check the technicalities with your skip hire company, who will be more than happy to advise you.  

In or out of the Doncaster area, to check the rules with your local council and apply for a skip permit, click here.


What conditions does a skip permit enforce?

It’s important not to ignore the rules and regulations that a skip permit enforces, otherwise, you may face a fine. The permit’s conditions may differ depending on the local council, but your skip hire company should be able to offer you some advice too.

Some conditions that the Doncaster area requires from permit holders include:

  • Skips should be placed so there is minimal obstruction to bus stops, premises entrances, drivers and pedestrians.
  • Visibility is important. Traffic cones should be placed on the sides facing any oncoming traffic, and amber lights should be attached to the skip so it is conspicuous after dark.
  • Skips kept on public roads should not contain explosive, toxic, or generally dangerous materials, and should be kept covered as much as possible to prevent any debris from landing on the road.
  • Should more than one skip be required, they should be positioned as close to each other as possible.

For complete and comprehensive skip permit rules in the Doncaster area, click here.


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