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What is a Smokeless Fuel?

The Clean Air Act was brought about many years ago between 1956 and 1968, to eradicate thick smog being released by countless factories and power stations, with the idea to reduce excess air pollution. Along with the Act, there were “smoke controlled areas” put in place where only smokeless fuels could be burnt. This environmental movement was the beginning of serious change after the “Great Smog” of London in 1952,...

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Where do Fuels come from?

Almost every nation on earth uses fuels in the day to day running of machines, transport and industry. The three most widely used fuels are coal, oil and natural gas, and these three substances are the result of millions of years worth of immensely gradual geological processes. Infrastructure depends on these substances, but how much do you know about them and their origins? And where do these fuels come from?...

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