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The Benefits of Solid Fuel Heating Systems for Cheaper Energy Bills

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to turn the heating systems back on and wave goodbye to the hot summer evenings. For many homeowners, the drop in temperature can cause concern; a house to heat means energy bills to pay. So whether your boiler’s packed in or you’re simply looking to upgrade your central heating system, both price and efficiency are key factors you’ll want to consider before...

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Choosing The Right Solid Fuel

Solid fuel is defined as any solid material that can be burnt to release energy, such as heat and light, through the process of combustion. Humans have been using wood to produce fire for over 2 million years, with solid fuels being a staple in homes for centuries and predicted to be an energy source going forward. By using solid fuels in your home, you can take control of your...

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What Makes Smokeless Fuel Smokeless?

The fuel industry has shifted focus massively over the past decade to developing fuels that are less harmful to the environment. The development of smokeless fuel has been a big leap, and is now manufactured and supplied across the globe. Despite this, many people are unaware of what exactly makes smokeless fuel smokeless. Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire are here to dispel any myths (and we’ve heard a few!) and...

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What is harcore and what is it used for?

Unsure what hardcore is and want to know whether you’ll need it for your project? Our experts here at Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire are here to share with you all you need to know about hardcore.   What is hardcore? ‘Hardcore’ is a term used to describe a heap of solid materials, generally broken down bits of concrete, stones and bricks - which do not deteriorate or absorb water....

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Solid fuel heating systems

This month’s article with Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire will inform you on solid fuel heating systems: the good, the bad and the super efficient. What is a solid fuel heating system? Solid fuels refer to substances like wood, coal and smokeless fuels that are required for heating systems. How it works: fire boils the water in your tank, this distributes the hot water around the storage cylinder and in...

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