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What Is WEEE Recycling and How Can I Get Involved?

When it comes to recycling, there’s a wealth of guidance and resources readily available to help the UK get bin smart. One specialist part of the waste disposal process, and a term that can often cause confusion, is WEEE recycling; what it encompasses, why it's needed and what the directive achieves. That’s why this month Thompson Fuel & Skip Hire are here to explain all-things WEEE, and encourage the safe...

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Inert Waste Skips Vs General Waste Skips

What’s the difference between inert waste skips and general waste skips? Inert waste includes materials such as clay, subsoil, chalk, hardcore, sand, concrete and rubble - materials that are unreactive and do not decompose. Due to the type of waste that is deposited into an inert waste skip, they are ideally suited to industrial customers, whereas, general waste skips are better suited to domestic and commercial customers. The type of...

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All You Need to Know About Garden Waste Skip Hire

Renovating your garden can create a lot of waste greenery that simply won’t fit in your normal garden waste recycling bin. Our garden waste skip hire guide will cover everything you need to know about getting rid of garden waste in a skip, so you can complete your landscaping projects with ease this summer! Why hire a skip for garden waste? You may be wondering why you might need a...

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Top Tips for Confidential Waste Disposal

Businesses produce a large amount of paper wastage yearly, despite the ever-increasing use of and dependance on the internet. Without proper disposal, sensitive information about your business or employees could fall into the wrong hands. Businesses have mostly opted towards using a shredder to destroy old documents, however there is a growing problem of people re-assembling these documents to uncover any valuable information that they may contain. This problem has...

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How to dispose of Fluorescent Tubes

When a bulb goes, it’s a pain and sometimes we can be guilty of leaving the replacement for weeks! So when it comes to fluorescent tubes, Thompson Fuel and Skip Hire can understand you might be slightly concerned with knowing what to do with it! This article will cover how to safely dispose of these potentially hazardous tubes.   Are fluorescent tubes hazardous? Externally, these tubes are not hazardous. However,...

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